Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Send some love this Valentines Day

Welcome to Love Month! February is the month to show the people you care about, just how much you love them!

Damsel Design has welcomed the love with our range of Valentine's Day Cards now available for $4.50 each + postage. There are six designs to choose from, and they come printed on a range of boutique quality paper (textured, felt, or shimmer). Each card comes with a red envelope.

The inside message can be left blank for your very special words, or you can choose from a range of  messages that will be printed in your card, such as:

Today is a very special day for sending my love your way.
Just because I love you.
All my love on Valentines Day
Grow old with me!
Just wanted to send, to a special friend.

To order any of our six Valentine's Day Cards, email damseldesign1@gmail.com. Please order before the 10th February to ensure you recieve your card on time.

Already printed cards are also available at the Mallala Hotel, Dublin General Store, Roseworthy Post Office, and Wendy's Cafe n Cakes in Balaklava. Thanks to all the wonderful business owners of these stores!

Happy Love month!!

Damsel xx

It's time for a change!

Damsel Design is going through some changes this year. Exciting changes. The most important change of all is our business name, yes we are going to have a new name very soon!

With a new name will bring new opportunitues to grow and become a design revolution. (Yes big words!) We ask all fans and customers to stay tuned, and follow us in this new adventure.

Much love, Damsel xx

Friday, December 3, 2010

Some recent creations....

Wow, only 3 weeks till Christmas. Where does the time go?! It is a great time of year though, especially in Australia, where the start of Summer is also the start of the Christmas season. There are just so many reasons to smile.

Damsel has been busy creating designs from Christmas party invitations, to more logos, to Christmas cards, to birthday invitations. The fun never stops. Check out some of the recent creations:

Christmas Cards for Mint Event Management
Square open-card

Christmas Party Invite for Jack's Cafe
DL one-sided card

Business Logo for "BizyChicks" networking group

21st Birthday Invitations
DL one-sided

30th Birthday Invites
DL one-sided

Damsel Design would love to work with you on your next creation - email me for further details: damseldesign1@gmail.com 

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Logo for this, A Logo for that!

Damsel Design has been delighted to work with several businesses over the past few months to help develop their branding. Whether creating exciting and unique logos for new businesses, or re-inventing the idenity of existing ones, the focus has been on building a brand that reflects the business and building their position in the market.

Whether the business is a small work-from-home operation, or a larger operation distributing goods & services nationally - developing a brand is the first step to successfully promoting yourself to the public. Damsel Design offers Business Starter packages starting from $65. To find out more information email damseldesign1@gmail.com

Design: "LillyMoo Makings" Logo
Description: The energetic owner of LillyMoo Makings, Kirstyn, approached Damsel Design to help develop a logo for her hand-made jewellery & fashion accessory business. Kirstyn adapts to vintage inspiration with her designs, so she wanted this to be reflected in her logo. Along with product tags, LillyMoo is also launching a range of lip balms, so Kirstyn needed a logo that would be versatile to fit on any type of label.

Design: "Horse Safe Industries" logo
Description: Brian and his son Adrian have started a new business building horse floats. The business, called Horse Safe Industries, prides itself on providing strong, safe, and secure horse floats. The duo contacted Damsel Design with hopes to create a logo that would reflect the strength of their product.

Design: "Mint Make-up" Lite Starter Package (includes Logo & Business Card)
Description: Owner of Mint Make-up, Martha, contacted Damsel Design in October to order a business package for a Melbourne Cup Luncheon she was working at. With only a few weeks to put something together, Damsel got to work on creating a logo concept. Martha wanted the logo to reflect her business name, being "Mint", whilst reflecting a sophisticated & modern theme. The business cards were to be kept simple for now, mostly due to the short deadline.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

You're Invited!

This month has been busy for Damsel Design, with assorted invitations for this and that! After all, it is that time of year when the sun comes out to play, and so does everyone else. Unlike it's evil twin (Winter...boo), Summer is the most inviting season to have a party, from Weddings, to Baby Showers, to staff Christmas Shows. It's the best time of year, and I hope you are all doing your bit to get out and enjoy the sunshine!

Design: Baby Shower Invitations
Description: My darling friend Jana is throwing a Baby Shower for her sister-in-law Shaz, and wanted some funky invitations to be designed as quickly as possible - the shower is at the end of this month. Damsel to the rescue! Shaz knows she is having a boy, so deciding on the theme was very easy. Throw in a few baby-like sketches I had come up with, and voila! Jana's Uncle is a printer, so all Damsel needed to do next was email the design to him in a high quality printable format. I am yet to see the finished product, but I'm sure I will be seeing it on Jana's fridge next time I pop around for a wine & a chat!

There was also another concept I had come up with, which was a 2-sided card the same size as that above, but a little "softer" in theme. Always note though, that 2-sided printing is a little more expensive that the standard 1-sided.

Design: Christmas Show Invitations for KONE Elevators
Description: Tis the season to be jolly, and jolly we will be! When December rolls around, offices and workplaces start to get jiggy with excitement of upcoming staff Christmas shows. One of my oldest, oldest (and I don't mean her age) friends, Jess, asked me to come up with a invitation design for her company's Christmas show. Jess was then going to print the invites in-house, and personally address each of them for all their staff members.
Like many other companies in this big, big, world, KONE have certain colour branding requirements that were to be considered in the design. These colours were a bright blue as the main, and a bright green, warm grey, and warm army-green as the supporting colours. Plus, we needed to make it Christmasy! Below is the final design that Jess and her team decided on:

Have you got an upcoming party or event you would like some invitations designed for? Now is the time to take advantage of the October "SUNNY DAMSEL DISCOUNTS" month, and recieve 20% off all new orders. You can email me for more details: damseldesign1@gmail.com

Love Damsel xx

Friday, October 1, 2010

October is "Sunny Damsel Discounts" month!

To celebrate the beginning of gorgeous sunshine in our lives, Damsel Design is officially naming October "SUNNY DAMSEL DISCOUNTS" month! For this month only, all new orders will recieve a 20% discount off the pricelist! There's no better time to order than now.

  • Get in early with your CHRISTMAS CARD orders.
  • Have you thought about INVITATIONS and POSTERS for your Christmas function?
  • Order now for your WEDDING INVITATIONS , no matter when your wedding date is. Or ENGAGEMENT INVITATIONS if he's only just popped the question!
  • Promote your business with one of Damsel Design's BUSINESS PACKAGES.

Email me during October to recieve this great discount! damseldesign1@gmail.com

Monday, September 20, 2010

Designs, August 2010

Damsel Design was put on hiatis for the past month while I went travelling around UK & Canada. I was lucky enough to find some great inspiration for future designs, from the traditional English colours and themes, to quirky Canadian culture! Let's just say that the future designs of Damsel will be better, bolder and more beautiful than ever!

Before I departed however, I was working on some projects for a "We've Moved" cards to a business logo. The projects are now done and dusted, and I am so happy to see the finished product.

Design: We've Moved DL Cards
Description: Our good friends Kate & Jamie Baker have recently made a life-changing decision to relocate from the Mid North region to Eyre Peninsula region (both in South Australia). With three little kids in tow, they bid farewell to their family and friends from Long Plains and surrounds, to set up a new home in Poochera. Kate would agree that it was probably the biggest and challenging decision of their lives, but everyone that knows them would agree - if anyone could do it, the Baker family could do it! And that they have! The next challenge for Kate was telling all her friends and family, now over 500km away, where they can come to visit. And then Damsel Design steps in..., and the outcome: a Postcard design specially made to reflect the Bakers new home...

Design: Cafe Logo
Description: There are two reasons why I married my gorgeous husband Simon, 1) he's just gorgeous, and 2) his Mum is an amazing cook!! The gourmet delicacies of the wonderful Wendy Schulz is enough to make anyone a cake-a-holic! Just over 2 years ago, Wendy and her husband (my father-in-law!) Trevor decided to open up a Cafe in Balaklava, SA. The minute they first opened the doors, the Cafe was a hit with both locals and travellers passing through. Nobody can resist the delicious home-made food that Wendy and her super team are famous for, the Cafe has even been recognised on national radio after a traveller rang up to recommend the Cafe to anyone passing through! So with the business booming, Wendy came to Damsel Design a few months back with the idea to freshen up her branding image with a new logo. There were a few branding statements Wendy wanted to incorporate in the Cafe's logo: colour theme to be hot pink, and the silhouette of a coffee and cake. The final product:
Damsel Design is now back in action, so if you need any design needs then please feel free to shoot me an email: damseldesign1@gmail.com
Damsel xx