Monday, July 26, 2010

Wedding "Thank You" Cards

My good friends Megs & Grant got married at the end of April, and being such a super organised chick, Megsie was ready to send her Thank You Cards out only a couple of months later. (I only just got mine out from December !) Megsie worked with her photographer to produce the cards, but asked me to design the back for her. Staying with the colours from the wedding, I chose a soft beige and brown theme, which I think worked out beautifully with the front picture. We got our card in the mail last week, and it printed perfectly on a soft laminted card!

(Standard Greeting Card size, colour matte laminated print)

As I mentioned earlier - we only got our Thank You Cards sent out from December. Life just gets away from you sometimes! I used the same design templates from our invitations, and on the back I created a "Postcard" design to not only make it easier to post, but give me a chance to put more than just one photo on the card. The only thing I did forget...was to mention the card was from "Simon & Jess Schulz"! Of course most of our friends and family who were there on the day didn't need to be told who's wedding it was, but my poor Nan & Pop Eckert weren't able to make it. They rung my parents a few days after I'd sent the Thank Yous to ask if they knew who's wedding it was? Haha, bless them!!

I will be designing a range of Wedding Thank Yous very soon, but if you are interested in having some designs done up in the meantime, then please feel free to shoot me an email with your details:

Love Damsel xx

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